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Hollow Section

The square and rectangles concave departments have become more and more important as structural material compared to other structural materials from steel. The technical characteristic traits of hollow section render the most complicated manufactures likely and one from their main advantages is an essential saving of weight when it is compared with the conventional departments.

    Apart from their technical advantages, the hollow section also are more and more used because their aesthetic characteristics. The concave departments are used as visible elements of manufacture and the immense line of dimensions offer a wide spectrum of his application.

  Certain examples for the application of hollow section are:


Buildings of factories, bridges, grounds of football, metal urban residence, kiosks, greenhouses, steps of escapes etc.


Free columns, pergolas, glass roofs, exterior configurations of buildings    etc.

 Car industry

Frames of Lorries, frames of buses, Lorries, caravans, parts of trains and underground, tankers wagons etc.

 Industry of furniture

Frames of tables and chairs, beds of hospitals, offices etc.

 Hollow section ERW (Electric Resistance Welded pipes) are manufactured from steel S235 JR at [EN] 10219-2 /1997

Square Cross- Section
Square Cross- Section
Rectangular Cross-Section
Rectangular Cross-Section

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