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Water Steel Tubes

Pipe straight seam-(ERW) Electric Resistance Welded pipes - 'Water Supply

These pipes are produced by steel lamina S235 JR which is shaped progressively in order to shape roll and are stacked with the technique of Electric resistance welded in utmost of the lamina which has already the form of pipe without the use of additional adhesive material. Afterwards the area of welding is cleaned exteriorly and internally and is checked with ultrasounds so much for the control of welding what for the diameter, the thickness and the total of the surface of the pipe. In all the stages of productive process, the pipes are submitted in a line of trials and controls, so that are ensured completely the quality of manufacture and their reliability, according to the international models of quality. The controls are held with ultrasounds, mechanic, chemical and hydraulic trials.  They are used in the transport of liquids. Depending on their thickness they are separated in yellow (Common Trade), red (Heavily Press [BT]) and greens [YBT], the pipes with the red label are produced only by order

Black tubes for water
Black tubes for water
Galvanized tube for water
Galvanized tube for water


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